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Elías Medina born in the city of Monterrey, N.L., on April 19, 1983, he began singing in bohemias and canteens from the age of 15 to cover his studies.

At the age of 19, Elías begins a new stage by entering one of the largest chains of bars and shows in Mexico and the acceptance is so great that he has to leave Monterrey to settle the federal district, thus making his transfer to different important places in the Mexican republic where Elías has the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as: Benny, Elefante, Ha-Ash, Kalimba, Nicho Hinojosa, Fato, Reyli, among others.

Northern music

On his return to his hometown, he began to knock on doors, delivering songs that he wrote for years, and continued to write, until one day Maximo Aguirre (Maximo Aguirre Music Publishing) gave him the opportunity and with it his first recorded song: “yo ya te I forgot ”performed by Northern Encounter. This was the beginning of a brilliant and promising career that continues to grow successfully to this day. Elías is now the author of songs by great artists and groups such as:

Pesado, Zaino, Tatiana, Cardenales De Nl, La Leyenda, El Chapo De Sinaloa, Bronco, Torrente, El Plan, El Chalinillo, Lalo Mora, Banda Astilleros, Leandro Rios, Costumbre...

Without neglecting his facet as a composer, Elías medina is now venturing as a singer-songwriter and interpreter of his own songs and very supported by his editor, MAMP SONGS launches with his debut album titled as a tattoo with the determination that it will catapult him to what he had always dreamed of; be a first-rate singer-songwriter.

From his record production, the first single "like a tattoo" emerges, a fresh northern-band cut with which he is determined to position himself from now on as one of the great figures of our regional genre.
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Elías Medina

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Elías Medina