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Dedicated entirely to their music, Los Rieleros del Norte are full-time professionals. He continues to demonstrate it day after day in a career that spans 35 years and marks an impressive record in his discography for having accumulated a total of 46 recordings.

Inspired by the name of the group, which in turn is based on the fact that one of its founders worked on the construction of railways, it is also known for the locomotive dynamics of its logo and its slogan of La Máquina Musical Norteña # 1.

Originally from Ojinaga, Chihuahua, and now established in El Paso, Texas, Los Rieleros del Norte give a living testimony of their roots and culture thanks to the creation of their own passionate style that is characterized by the harmonic instrumental combination of accordion and saxophone. , the electric bass, the sixth bass and the drums, a very representative proposal from Chihuahua that is completed with Daniel Esquivel Sr., singer, first voice, second sixth bass, director and founder together with his brother Alfredo Esquivel, drums, and Eugenio 'Pemo' González, saxophone.

Rieleros makes northern music because its members are from the north. That's the music that pushes them. The one they carry in their blood and in their tradition. The same one that has allowed them to consecrate themselves as a group with a solid call and high sales of their records.

In recognition of the admirable level of quality of their artistic achievements, they have been nominated three times for the Grammy, the most important musical trophy in the world. His most recent nomination corresponds to the Latin Grammy 2014 for his album entitled "En tus manos".

In terms of achievements, it is also worth noting the achievement of #1 on Billboard with the album "Siempre Imitado, Jamás Igualado" (2006), which remained at the top of the charts for nine weeks and, in addition, won a Gold Record certified by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). With the conceptual title of this production, he left a clear record that the strength of his style is definitely inimitable.

Pioneer privilege. Being original and not copying anyone: that has been the only secret of Los Rieleros del Norte. With that mentality they have recorded the songs that have made history in norteño music of all time.

The list is long. Among others, the hits that are usually sung loudly by the crowds in their massive presentations are “El Columpio”, “Capricho Maldito”, “Te Quiero Mucho”, “Amor Prohibido”, “No Le Digas A Nadie”, “Dime Quién Es”, “En La Puerta de Esa Casa”, “Una Aventura”, “Copa Sin Vino”, “Voy A Llorar Por Ti”, “Tu Nuevo Cariñito”, “Ni El Diablo Te Va A Querer” and many more.

Beginning in June 1983, when they informally 'debuted' in front of a few friends and relatives in Pecos, Texas, at the La Linterna Verde dance hall, the energy of the motivational train that drives Los Rieleros del Norte's relentless advance has took to the best stages of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco from coast to coast in the United States and from border to border in the Mexican Republic.

Working on legendary stages, including the same ones also used by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, in Las Vegas the group has had clamorous performances in casinos such as the Hilton (now Westgate), Caesars Palace, on a special day in which Oscar de La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez; the River, the Mandalay Bay, the South Point and the Primm. In the structure of Los Rieleros del Norte, the capacity of its founders is added to the vital contribution of the new blood of its young members.

The original founding segment, in effect, is represented by Daniel Esquivel Sr., Alfredo Esquivel and Eugenio 'Pemo' González. The current generation is made up of José Luis Esquivel, sixth bass; José Ángel Esquivel, electric bass; Daniel Esquivel Jr., accordion and second voice.

Los Rieleros Del Norte

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Los Rieleros Del Norte