Tayta Bird


Edwin Carrasco Zedano, better known as Tayta Bird,decided to embark on a journey in 2014 throughout the Andes visiting provinces like Apurímac Ayacucho, Huancayo, Cusco and many more..

During this journey, he realized that many instruments, songs and traditions were starting to become forgotten and he decided to start recording sounds and experiences from the Andes. When his career took off in 2015, he started calling himself “Tayta Bird”. “Tayta”, because of the way his grandfather used to call him, and “Bird” because of the freedom he felt while traveling through the Andes. His career took off in 2015 and his name started to gain recognition in the United States and throughout Latin America.

In 2019 he reinvented himself by creating “Futuristic Folklore”, a Peruvian folklore fusion genre where he combined electronica, indie rock, chillwave, pop, and trap. A more contemporary sound or way of expressing the most intense and colorful side of life in the Andes with messages of gratitude, freedom and faith.

He is currently working on singles where he combines Peruvian instruments like Andean violin, Andean harp, charangos, quenas, waqrapuku, pampa corneta, and harawis with urban sounds that include trap, reggeaton and pop dance sounds like Chillwave, Indietronica and Dreamwave. Tayta Bird is part of the ALVANI Tunes Team.

Tayta Bird